what we do

Although Levity is specialised in building highly complex, cutting-edge web applications combined with an industry leading user experience, we are not afraid to take on challenges and realize visions in other areas. Thanks to a very user-focused and compact team, we develop our product with the customers and not just for them. This also means we always share our honest opinion and evaluate the best solution with our customers.

our vision

At the start there were two friends, Nattha and Chris. They wanted to do more than just their daily developer jobs, they wanted to change the world. They wanted to live their passion, which is designing and creating applications. They wanted to build their dreams and follow their own path.

So they decided to found levity.

the team

Christian Blättler

Chris acts as Head of Communication and co-founded Levity together with Nattha. While working at the biggest local telecommunication company, he learned a lot about building applications in agile teams. Besides working on many web application as a front- and backend developer, he also contributed to a huge cloud-storage application. Combine those experiences with curly hair, bad jokes and gin tonic, and you will have something similar to Chris.


Natthakit Khamso

Nattha is Head of Engineering and Co-Founder of Levity. Thanks to his multiple years of experience in designing and building web application, his work is on another level, regarding efficiency and quality. Combining this skill with a open-minded and creative personality, and you know why he had his own company at just 18 years. Further more he has an eye for great graphic design and handles Adobe CC like a Ninja!


our portfolio


The game-changing innovation platform for Swisscom.


State of the art portfolio for a passionate application engineer.


Take innovation for the next generation to the next level.


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